State of the Art

A Monumental Markets self-service market not only looks modern and cutting edge, it is modern and cutting edge. What does this mean to you besides having an attractive open retail market in your workplace? It means that you and your staff will have reliable, easy access to great food options.

Your Partner for a Healthy Workforce

Monumental Markets works alongside you to select a mircomarket menu that meets all of your office or workplace health and wellness needs.

Superior Customer Service

Monumental has long been known as a provider of superior customer service; we pledge to maintain that reputation as we work to reach our shared goals of a healthier, happier workforce!

A New Approach to Retail Markets – Micro Markets in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Monumental Markets will meet your specific needs with regard to easy, welcoming, healthy vending. Click on the links below to check out a sampling of some of the food items we offer.

  • Micro Markets Washington DCKashi Products
  • East Coast Fresh Cuts
  • Kind
  • Lifestyle Foods
  • Popchips
  • Nature Valley