Avanti Micro Market Technology

Fresh Micro Market Washington DC

Fresh Micro Market Washington DC

Avanti Micro Market Technology is powering the newest fresh micro market Washington D.C. has to offer. With a plethora of mouthwatering selections, these convenient and easy to use markets are perfect for offices and communities. Challenging the traditional concept of a “market,” these cleverly designed point-of-sale systems and displays leave customers, employees, and residents happy and healthy.


Every Avanti Micro Market has a customizable menu of available products. Focusing on fresh, healthy, and–most importantly–tasty options, there is something for everyone in the best vending micro markets DC has around.  From salads, to fresh fruit, and an odd trail bar or two, you can effortlessly make a meal or a snack on-the-go. Great for any type of workplace looking to improve the healthy food options for its employees or community who wants to bring healthy snacks closer to home.


These kinds of perfectly sized, fantastic fresh micro market Washington D.C. offers can fit in tight corners or cramped lobbies. With no teller, they are always open, day or night–even on holidays. As a low-overhead approach to snacking, the micro market allows for an easy, low cost, implementation virtually anywhere. These opportune open door market DC is now offering has a 24-hour security system, so you can be confident that every product is accounted for.


Brand new to the Avanti Micro Market system is the ability to set up rewards or incentive programs. With clever key tags, encourage your employees to earn rewards for purchasing healthy food options. Additionally, the Avanti kiosk can provide nutritional information, on-the-fly, for virtually every item. Never be in the dark to the actual nutritional facts, this clever system ensures you know what is in your food.


Avanti Micro Market Technology is a perfectly sized, convenient, health food option that can fit virtually anywhere. From office parks, high-rise buildings, to apartment club-houses, these unmanned, alway-open markets bring healthy food options closer to where you are.  Reward your employees or resident; setup the best fresh micro market Washington D.C. can offer, today!