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How Junk Food Is Killing Your Employee’s Productivity (And What to Provide Instead)

Monumental Markets, an open door market in DC, is proud to partner with you and your workplace to fuel your workforce with healthy and nutritious meals in order to improve overall energy, health, and productivity.  Monumental open door market is powering the newest open door market that Washington DC has to offer. Our regional micro market in DC has a customizable menu of fresh and ready products to set up in your office space.

Why choose Monumental’s open door market?

What you consume throughout the day can severely hinder or increase levels of productivity due to the vitamins, minerals, sugar, caffeine, and the various other nutrients present in each product. The saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer with the increased consumption of fast food caused by busy schedules and unending to-do lists. If you take a minute to recollect how you feel after consuming a fast food cheeseburger for lunch versus a healthier choice such as granola or yogurt, you will notice a stark difference. While the immediate taste might be more enjoyable from your hot dog, two hours later, you feel much more sluggish and tired because of the lack of proper nutrients. The foods to avoid at all costs are the high sugar, high sodium content drinks and meals. These foods include soda, candy, any fried foods and fast foods.

Consuming a high sugar and high sodium diet will lead to inevitable “crashing” throughout the day where you feel completely zapped of all energy. These crashes occur as your body works extra hard to digest the large quantity of sugar consumed, releasing a compound called insulin to help. When the sugar is all gone but the body is still producing excess insulin, you will feel the effects as fatigue and tiredness.

How can Open Door Markets help?

Monumental Markets provides the best nutritionally ideal and accessible alternative open door market Washington DC has to offer.  Instead of stocking our vending machines with the standard chips and soda combos, open door markets are stocked full of delicious and healthy options and open 24/7, available for any work schedule. Our healthier snack options include wraps, yogurt, hummus, and salads, fresh and ready for consumption with the click of a button. The Monumental Markets set up works as the perfect open door market DC offers because it is unmanned and functions by utilizing modern point-of sale-technology. You can simply scan and pay at the kiosk with electronic payment. Whether you are moving to a new office space or renovating, give us a call to try the healthiest open door market Washington DC has around available for set up in your building today.