Fresh Micro Market Washington DC

A New Approach to Retail Markets – Fresh Micro Market in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

In February 1991, David Gordon and Craig Kushner installed their first vending machine. In the early days, these two did it all, from ordering product to filling and servicing the machines. But as they and their company, Monumental Vending began to permeate the vending industry, they quickly became known as visionaries, consistently finding ways to improve the customer experience through the use of technology and product enhancement. Now, with twenty-five years of know-how behind them, David and Craig proudly bring to the industry: Monumental Markets: a new way to bring healthy retail markets to where you live, work and play.

So, what exactly is Monumental Markets? Monumental Markets is an innovative automated, self-service, open door market concept that provides what consumers today seek—quick, easy access to fresh, natural, and healthy foods. These healthy options may include salads, wraps, yogurt, hummus, and many more of your favorites. Imagine a micro market installed for free in your place of business, stocked with a wide variety of healthy favorites that employees and customers can access any time of the day, 24/7. In fact, there is no need to simply imagine, click on the video to get a better sense of what we are talking about!