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How Junk Food Is Killing Your Employee’s Productivity (And What to Provide Instead)

Monumental Markets, an open door market in DC, is proud to partner with you and your workplace to fuel your workforce with healthy and nutritious meals in order to improve overall energy, health, and productivity.  Monumental open door market is powering the newest open door market that Washington DC has to offer. Our regional micro market in DC has a customizable menu of fresh and ready products to set up in your office space.

Why choose Monumental’s open door market?

What you consume throughout the day can severely hinder or increase levels of productivity due to the vitamins, minerals, sugar, caffeine, and the various other nutrients present in each product. The saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer with the increased consumption of fast food caused by busy schedules and unending to-do lists. If you take a minute to recollect how you feel after consuming a fast food cheeseburger for lunch versus a healthier choice such as granola or yogurt, you will notice a stark difference. While the immediate taste might be more enjoyable from your hot dog, two hours later, you feel much more sluggish and tired because of the lack of proper nutrients. The foods to avoid at all costs are the high sugar, high sodium content drinks and meals. These foods include soda, candy, any fried foods and fast foods.

Consuming a high sugar and high sodium diet will lead to inevitable “crashing” throughout the day where you feel completely zapped of all energy. These crashes occur as your body works extra hard to digest the large quantity of sugar consumed, releasing a compound called insulin to help. When the sugar is all gone but the body is still producing excess insulin, you will feel the effects as fatigue and tiredness.

How can Open Door Markets help?

Monumental Markets provides the best nutritionally ideal and accessible alternative open door market Washington DC has to offer.  Instead of stocking our vending machines with the standard chips and soda combos, open door markets are stocked full of delicious and healthy options and open 24/7, available for any work schedule. Our healthier snack options include wraps, yogurt, hummus, and salads, fresh and ready for consumption with the click of a button. The Monumental Markets set up works as the perfect open door market DC offers because it is unmanned and functions by utilizing modern point-of sale-technology. You can simply scan and pay at the kiosk with electronic payment. Whether you are moving to a new office space or renovating, give us a call to try the healthiest open door market Washington DC has around available for set up in your building today.

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How Vending Micro Markets Can Help Your Business

Vending Micro Markets DCHave you heard of the advantages offered by the best micro market vending Washington DC has, in terms of your business and the people working for you? You may not know it yet, but Micro Markets provide one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve your company’s employee satisfaction.

What is a Micro Market?

A Micro Market refers to a self-contained store that dispenses food and beverages without needing anyone to operate it. Most Micro Markets come with a few ‘smart’ vending machines, each one selling an assortment of food and drinks, from energy bars, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, as well as coffee, tea, and cold beverages. In an office setting, a Micro Market can be installed in a hallway, break room, pantry, or any other convenient location where people can grab a quick bite, relax a bit, and get back to work.

Here are a few reasons why the best vending Micro Markets Washington DC has to offer might be one of the best investments you will ever make for your business and its workers.

1.     Increased Employee Satisfaction

Happy people are productive people. When your employees feel that you’re looking out for their well-being, the more likely they are to feel satisfied at work and be more productive. The best Vending Micro Markets DC has to offer allow you to provide healthy meals for your workers, who may not have time to prepare a nutritious packed meal at home, thus forcing them to forego lunch breaks or snacks entirely. Providing an option for real and healthy meals in the office should raise employee morale.

2.     Unique Appeal

The best Micro Markets DC has are not quite the typical vending machines found in many corporate offices around the country. They’re more of a smart, self-service convenience store, complete with a wide variety of healthy food and drinks. Using a Micro Market is often a novel experience, designed to interest in your workforce, who may now choose to buy food there instead of elsewhere.

3.     Better Productivity 

The body, particularly the brain, needs food as fuel to power the body throughout the day. When your employees are provided with access to nutritious food options, they often end up hungry, stressed, and less productive on the job.

Setting up a Micro Market within the premises of the office makes it convenient for workers to take a break and grab a quick and healthy bite.

Does a Micro Market sound like something your office needs? Learn more about micro markets and the benefits they offer to your business by contacting us at Monumental Markets, the premier provider of Micro Market Vending Washington DC, at (301) 945-7138.

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What’s the Healthiest Open Door Market in Washington DC?

Micro Markets DC

Open Door Market Washington DC

The healthiest open door market Washington DC has around is also the newest and best way to offer twenty-four hour tasty solutions in the workplace. Not your traditional vending option, open door markets are open 24/7 and stocked full of delicious and healthy food options. No matter how late work keeps you, you’ll always have a responsible food choice close at hand.


Rather than relying on old-school methods for vending, more and more companies are relying on the innovative open door markets DC has to offer. Specifically, they’re kicking out the old, unhealthy, sugar-filled snacks and replacing them with the always fresh organic salads, veggies and a variety of other healthy options. Often installed with little to no cost to the office, these innovative markets offer an easy solution to energizing a workforce.


These unmanned, ingenious open door markets Washington DC is proud to show off function by utilizing modern point-of-sale technology. Simply bring your delicious selection to the kiosk, scan, and pay with most forms of electronic payment. With fully customizable menu options, it’s easy to supply something that will please everyone. From trail bars to fresh salad, our wide variety of options will keep you from getting tired of the same old boring lunchtime fare, while leaving your tastebuds and tummy satisfied. Don’t forget to wash it all down! We offer a multitude of drink options to choose from that are always tasty and good for you, too!


This almost to-good-to-be-true solution is part of a larger movement for healthier and fast eating options. These “best choice” micro markets Washington DC has around make it easy to say no to other less-healthy options. Installable virtually anywhere–whether in a basement or lobby–open door markets keep healthy options close at hand.


Whether you’re renovating your office breakroom or opening a new location in the District, consider and open door market for your snack and lunchtime needs. Offering cheap, fast, and most importantly healthy, food choices these innovative markets are a go-to solution to keep employees happy and their stomachs full. Try the best open door market Washington DC has, today!
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Avanti Micro Market Technology

Fresh Micro Market Washington DC

Fresh Micro Market Washington DC

Avanti Micro Market Technology is powering the newest fresh micro market Washington D.C. has to offer. With a plethora of mouthwatering selections, these convenient and easy to use markets are perfect for offices and communities. Challenging the traditional concept of a “market,” these cleverly designed point-of-sale systems and displays leave customers, employees, and residents happy and healthy.


Every Avanti Micro Market has a customizable menu of available products. Focusing on fresh, healthy, and–most importantly–tasty options, there is something for everyone in the best vending micro markets DC has around.  From salads, to fresh fruit, and an odd trail bar or two, you can effortlessly make a meal or a snack on-the-go. Great for any type of workplace looking to improve the healthy food options for its employees or community who wants to bring healthy snacks closer to home.


These kinds of perfectly sized, fantastic fresh micro market Washington D.C. offers can fit in tight corners or cramped lobbies. With no teller, they are always open, day or night–even on holidays. As a low-overhead approach to snacking, the micro market allows for an easy, low cost, implementation virtually anywhere. These opportune open door market DC is now offering has a 24-hour security system, so you can be confident that every product is accounted for.


Brand new to the Avanti Micro Market system is the ability to set up rewards or incentive programs. With clever key tags, encourage your employees to earn rewards for purchasing healthy food options. Additionally, the Avanti kiosk can provide nutritional information, on-the-fly, for virtually every item. Never be in the dark to the actual nutritional facts, this clever system ensures you know what is in your food.


Avanti Micro Market Technology is a perfectly sized, convenient, health food option that can fit virtually anywhere. From office parks, high-rise buildings, to apartment club-houses, these unmanned, alway-open markets bring healthy food options closer to where you are.  Reward your employees or resident; setup the best fresh micro market Washington D.C. can offer, today!

Vending Micro Markets in Washington DC

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The fresh micro market Washington DC scene is exploding. As a new, healthier take on vending, micro markets aim to help you eat better when you’re looking for a convenient snack. They’re not your typical snack grab solution. You won’t be able to find the typical highly process, overly sugary, trans-fat filled snacks in a fresh micro market Washington DC is becoming obsessed with. No, they won’t inflict that kind of guilt grubbing. Instead, they offer healthy, delicious snacking solutions for those who live a fast paced lifestyle.


Filled with tasty snacks and healthy drinks, the vending micro markets Washington DC has to offer are leading the nation in convenience and quality. From fresh fruits, to nut and granola bar snacks, there is something for everyone in these stellar micro markets. Meticulously maintained and always freshly stocked the best, the fresh micro market Washington DC is obsessed with is full of reasonably priced snacks.


Regardless of which quadrant of the District you call home, this healthy new approach to vending was designed with you in mind. Washington D.C. is notorious for its go-go-go attitude, and often we forego the our own health for the sake of quick convenience. We all could do more to eat better. The fresh micro market Maryland landscape is colored with delicious options now available conveniently in office parks and apartment lobbies. The same can be said for their southern fresh micro market Virginia counterparts, which are stocked full of organic and delicious options for a person on-the-go.


In point of fact, people don’t have enough hours in the day to plan for every meal. Between commuting (and Metro single-tracking), work,  and after work activities, fast (and fast casual) food becomes an easy and enticing option. Affordable, convenient, and most of all tasty micro markets aim to offer a better solution. Just as convenient, but far healthier, your local micro market is disrupting the way people approach “fast” food.


The next time you’re near the vending machines, whether it is at work or near home, take a closer look. You may be excited to find an innovative micro market stocked full of healthy snacks and drinks. Convenient fresh micro market DC  is staking claim to now abound; find the one nearest you today!